January 29, 2021

effective conversation skills

Effective conversation builds a long lasting impact, its the fastest way to gather strong connection from any part of the world. Here is a guilde on how to achieve an effective conversation in 2021

Ask Open- Minded questions

Ask a person open-minded questions. If you would rather avoid taking an active part in idle chit-chat and must achieve an effective conversation, use the power of open-ended questions. This method will encourage the other person to talk instead of waiting for you to keep the conversation going.

Aquire Good Manners

Work on improving your manners. Good manners play a crucially important role in improving social skills. Practice being polite, master good table manners, and show gratitude when it is due.

Pay Attention To Your Body Language

Focus on your body language. Non-verbal communication is just as important as a verbal one, so pay attention to the kind of body language you are using. Ensure that you appear relaxed and open to the conversation while making appropriate amounts of eye contact.

Be Informed

Remain up to date on the current events. Keep an eye on recent news stories or trends which can be of interest to you, and use them as ice breakers to start a conversation with someone. Avoid anything too controversial, though, such as politics, for instance.

Be Positive

Identify and address your negative thoughts. If you already believe that you will be awkward during a social interaction before you even initiate it, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Try to identify and replace those negative thoughts dragging you down to prevent the scenario mentioned above from happening.

Use Compliments

Compliment the positive part of the other person. Be genuinely interested during a conversation with someone and give them honest compliments if you see fit.

End Perfectly

Summarise the conversation with good ending. Many people know how to start a conversation, but they may get stuck in it for some reason. When you feel that the discussion has come to its natural end or you’ve finally reached the attention span limit, say something like, “It was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for chatting.” and then walk away. Note that while giving that two-liner, the whole focus gets shifted to your demeanor; try to smile as you disengage and start moving away from the conversation.

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Nancy Chidinma

Nancy Chidinma is a personal development enthusiast who believes so much in continuous growth in all ramifications. She pours her heart into all her writings to expose her audience to useful information on personal development, travel, fashion, beauty, food, finance, and family tips.

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