September 7, 2020

Heavy signs exposing a child's sexual abuse

In a world filled with uncertainties, heavy signs exposing a child’s sexual abuse is a see-through of your child’s heart. The worst misdeed a parent can do is ignore a child who has shown the below signs, maybe due to the selfish and temporal benefit. Ignoring has never ended well no matter how long it takes, keeping silent and ignoring this dangerous signs proves that you are a co-sexual abuser.

If you love a child, you go beyond your interest to provide support to that same child. Anyone who hides under trust and love to commit evil will continue to do more without repentance.

In case you are wondering whether you’ve missed out in terms of providing help to your child if you doubt if sexual abuse exists if your kids are exposed to all the people you know, if you can’t monitor them always at home due to schedules; here are heavy signs exposing a child’s sexual abuse you should look out for.

Heavy Signs Showing That A Child Is Sexually Abused

Heavy signs exposing a child’s sexual abuse .

1. Startles whenever you approach them unannounced; then heave a sigh of relief when he/she notices you are the one.

2. Enjoys his/her own company by staying alone in the bedroom, especially when everyone is sitting.

3. Develops trust issues by withdrawing from certain persons he/she was close to, frowns, or become moody when he/she sets eyes on them.

4. When they suddenly stop sleeping with their preferred light cloth; and start wearing thick cloths no matter how hot the weather is.

 5. Sudden poor academics performance looks gloomy, talks less, and avoids everybody. 

6. Showing less interest in activities like church, school, game, and parties as never before. 

7. The rapid change in the manner of approach; turned from being respectful to disrespectful, easily provoked. Etc

8. Many children are going through these but cannot speak out for fear of harm or death, as promised by their abusers. 

Note: When you notice these signs mentioned above, do not apply force and hasty decision; this is not the time to blame the child and yourself, take your time and keep a close watch, 

Show interest in their day-to-day activities. Ask them about their activities during the day and who they shared it. What games did they play? What was their happiest and saddest moment?

Would you like to travel? Would you like to change your school, church, and why?

 Find out who your child spends most of his time. Ask your child about friends and teachers in school/church/gathering, discover who your child’s best friend is, and choose them. 

Be diligent about choosing who stays in your house. Be careful and review the characters of those who spend time in your house like relations, friends, lesson teachers, house workers; let your child know they have no right over his/her body.

Discuss sex education and sexual assault with them: Narrate an abuse story and ask questions like, Have you ever heard of this before? How will you handle this if you find yourself in such a situation?

Afterward, encourage them to speak and know that you will always support them; this conversation assures them of safety and helps you know the reason behind their sudden change.

Teach them how to set boundaries. Let them know that no one has the right to touch, hug, and tickle them if they disapprove, let your child know that their body is their own. 

Set Time Aside And Give Them Undivided Attention. Create space for your child to initiate their topics, concerns, and ideas by asking questions like Do you have any other thing to say? Please encourage your child that they can ask you questions or report anyone who uncomfortably talks to them. Discover why they scored low during the exam and the reason behind the self-isolation.

Assure Them Of Their Safety In Discussing Anything That Bothers Them. Let your child know that they will not get in trouble for talking to you; if a child notices you are biased and always blame or punish them without findings; it won’t be easy to get words out of them. When they come to you, follow up on the promise by not punishing them for speaking up. 

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