September 6, 2020

How To Choose Your Better Half

How to choose your better half is a perfect guild compiled in order to give you a focus towards your marriage goals. We meet people every day, and the desire to know who is right for us surfaces at a point, but how do you choose your better half? What are the very sensitive things to find out during dating? Can I cope with his or her weaknesses? All these are what to figure out before walking down the aisle.

Every responsible and potential spouse has at least one thing in common: and that is the desire to be committed in a peaceful relationship with the right person.

Some people want to get married! They want commitment; they are searching for one who will give them peace. However, this particular marriage-minded person is still relatively few and scarce, especially in certain age and environment. But that doesn’t mean that you can get hold of one; of course, you can; if only you are intentional in your dating efforts. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is having sex first before realizing no plans for marriage. Then a question that should have come first will now come last. 

Sex is not a tool to hold anyone because anyone can give sex. But what binds people together is compatibility. Compatibility here means that you both have accepted your weakness and strength.

Here are things to find out before concluding that he/she is your better half.  and there are two ways to make your findings, that is 

  1. Through questioning
  2. Through Sensitive observation

Questions: This question should be asked on several occasions; it could be twice every month to ensure that the answer remains the same. The following is the necessary questions to ask viz

1. What’s their genotype and blood group

2. Do they want kids? How many kids do they want to have, and how do they intend to raise their kids?

3. What are their personal income goals and their strategy for building consistent wealth? 

4. What are their career goals?

5. Where do they wish to reside?


1. Standard of Hygiene, do they really maintain cleanliness, or they only talk about it or depend on another person to do what they should do for themself?

2. Is there peace and unity among them and members of their family?

3. Are they struggling with any negative addiction, e.g., smoking, alcohol, masturbation, and random sexual intercourse, etc

4. How do they handle conflict or disagreements?

5. What’s their level of self-control with other opposite sex

In conclusion: I’m a strong believer of sex before marriage, as that could save one from a lot of challenges; the sooner you find out answers to the above challenge, the earlier you can detect incompatibilities before your feelings become too deeply invested.

Note: Do not make a mistake of asking questions where observation is needed; this can cause the person to play such character out of pretense, only for you to find out about who they are after marriage.

Thanks for reading, feel free to add your contributions and questions in the comment session.


About the author 

Nancy Chidinma

Nancy Chidinma is a personal development enthusiast who believes so much in continuous growth in all ramifications. She pours her heart into all her writings to expose her audience to useful information on personal development, travel, fashion, beauty, food, finance, and family tips.

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