September 4

My Baby’s First Six Months Milestone


My baby’s First Six Months Milestone is a lovely summary experience, which I derived from my sons daily routine.

Having my beautiful kids is one of my greatest highlights. When I had Gideon, my third son, I was excited to be a mummy to another beautiful baby.

 My Baby Gideon Turned Six Months on 28th August. Sometimes I feel like I blink and he has changed right there in front of me. Strong thighs and a firm grip.

His greatest highlights this season is breastfeeding and play. He is incredibly sociable, gurgling, and grinning at his family.

We are halfway into his first birthday, So much has happened in the past six months, as I have witnessed him grow from a tiny newborn to a smiling 6-month-old. This month is a big age for him,

 Six months is my major accomplishment because of the strong decision I take to breastfeed them only, without water or any other food. At first, the six months exclusive breastfeeding looks like a year or unrealizable goal. But when I close my eyes and open it just to witness the end. I become so amazed. However, this stage was successful with the full support of hubby.

Furthermore, Haven given my baby a great start to life, I enjoy parenthood, and it has been all fun to me; this 6-month-old stage is a very special time in Gideon’s life, resulting from his happy mood.

Here are My Baby’s First Six Months Milestone

Speech: Gideon makes specific sounds that are tied to his emotions; these sounds are in two forms happy sound or sad sounds. This development started as early as 1month. 

Responds when talked to2 

Makes sounds back at you

Recognizes familiar faces

Creates strong vowel sounds when “talking,” such as “eh, oh, and ah.”

Responds or react at the mention of his name

Babbles consonant sounds, such as “m” or “b”;m

Manipulations of toys: He enjoys passing objects from one hand to the other

  • Movement: Rolls from front to back, and back to front, responds to the sound of music by kicking his legs. And also crawls from one end to the other. Holds his heads up

IDENTIFICATION: Sees across a room well and recognizes the family members.

This amazing experience is worth my time, and my greatest highlight is the smile he gives.


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